The Monaro Media Group Pty Ltd publishes the region's only locally-owned and independent newspaper. This weekly publication covers news and events from across the Snowy Monaro Region. It is produced to prepress stage in Cooma and printed in Canberra. The newspaper is distributed across the region, from Canberra, Queanbeyan and Yass, across the whole Snowy Monaro Regional Council region and down through the Far South Coast. The newspaper is also available via an electronic subscription service. The company also publishes a tourist magazine The Snowpost with seven editions per year to showcase the local tourism product to readers both intra and interstate. The Innovation Magazine is our building, renovating and lifestyle annual magazine which includes all the local services and products available to you to help take the stress out of those decisions. Farming is the backbone of the Monaro region, and Your Farm magazine contains all local agriculture news. Inserted as a gloss lift-out in The Monaro Post twice a year, Your Farm is a Monaro farmer's essential guide to the region. Our Production team also creates logos, business cards, poster and brochures/catalogues.
Digital Editions of The Monaro Post
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